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The Best Outdoor Swag for National Wilderness Month

The Best Outdoor Swag for National Wilderness Month

In 2016, President Barack Obama declared September National Wilderness Month in celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act. Signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, The Wilderness Act legally defined wilderness in the US, and protects 111 million acts of federal land. Many of the nation’s national and state parks owe their existence to the Wilderness Act.

September was designated National Wilderness Month to encourage, in the words of President Obama, “curious and adventurous Americans to seek the thrill and joy of connecting with the sacred spirit of our country’s wilderness.” It’s also an ideal time to offer your clients, partners, and employees some branded outdoor swag, encouraging them to get out in nature — and improve your brand awareness.

Things to Do During National Wilderness Month

Knowing what people do during National Wilderness Month helps you pick the right outdoor swag for the right activity. Common ways to celebrate the month include:

  • Boating
  • Building bonfires

  •  Camping

  • Enjoying sunrises and sunsets
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Going for walks and hikes
  • Horseback riding
  • Photographing nature
  • Picnics in the park
  • Viewing fall’s changing colors
  • Wildlife watching

Each of these activities requires its own equipment and clothing, offering plenty of opportunities to promote your brand through personalized gifts. Try to tailor customized National Wilderness Month gifts to the personal interests of the gift recipient: An avid hunter might appreciate a rugged YETI cooler, while someone who enjoys a rambling hike might prefer a backpack or custom jacket. Here are a few branded ideas for outdoor enthusiasts: 

Custom Columbia Jackets

September marks the shift from summer to fall in much of North America, often resulting in brisk mornings, hot afternoons, and chilly nights. Custom Columbia jackets make an ideal gift for this changeable season. These quality jackets are warm enough for early morning excursions when the mist hangs over the landscape, and lightweight enough for when the temperature starts to climb:

Custom Under Armour Shirts

You don’t have to backpack into the high country to celebrate National Wilderness Month. A stroll along your local park’s trails allows you to enjoy the changing seasons, as does sitting with that special someone on a park bench and watching the sunset. You don’t need much in the way of equipment for such activities, but you do need to be warm and comfortable. Custom Under Armor shirts provide that comfort, and look great paired with an embroidered logo. Possibilities include: 

Embroidered Beanies

Embroidered beanies are popular year-round, but really start to come into their own in early September, when you need a little more head warmth than you did in August. Ideal for a day out fishing, an evening hike, or taking in a football game, embroidered beanies draw viewers’ eyes to your logo, producing multiple brand impressions every time they’re worn. Examples of high-quality embroidered beanies include:

Promotional Sunglasses

Outdoor enthusiasts always appreciate a pair of good-quality sunglasses. Protect a valued client’s eyes with a pair of high-quality Under Armour® Octane Sunglasses, or distribute these affordable Glossy Sunglasses at your next outdoor event. For a unique twist, give out sets of Wireless Speaker Sunglasses, so gift recipients can take their tunes outdoors with them whether they’re boating or raking up leaves in the yard. 

YETI Ramblers

YETI made its name selling tough-as-nails coolers, but that’s not all they produce. They also make high-quality, insulated travel mugs, such as the Engraved YETI 18 oz Rambler Bottle. If you need something larger than 18 ounces, consider their Engraved Gallon Jug, which is just as effective at keeping your favorite beverage icy cold or piping hot. 


Custom YETI Coolers

For the serious outdoor enthusiast, few gifts are met with as much joy as a Tundra 35 Hard Cooler by YETI. Ideal for camping, hunting, and fishing, this tough cooler is portable, boasts three inches of insulation, and is bear resistant to help keep foraging ursines out of your food supplies as they bulk up for winter hibernation. 

Not everyone needs a grizzly-proof cooler to celebrate National Wilderness Month, of course. For those who prefer a gentle amble through a city park to mountain hiking, YETI offers the Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler. Capable of holding twenty drink cans, this adaptable little cooler is ideal for family picnics or romantic sunsets at the beach. 


Need help choosing the right outdoor swag for National Wilderness Month? Contact Triple Crown Products and we’ll help you put together customized outdoor gifts that showcase your brand while delighting gift recipients!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021