Dress for Success: What to Wear to Your Trade Shows in 2022

The 2022 trade show season is fast approaching. Almost two years of Zoom meetings accustomed many of us to, shall we say casual attire. Let’s be honest here, at least some of us attended video conferences wearing a nice, buttoned-up shirt in view of our webcams and comfy sweatpants below our coworkers’ lines of sight. Getting back into a business attire mindset can take some time. 

Knowing what to wear to a trade show is essential, as your attire reflects your brand and company culture. Your outfit influences the first impression booth visitors have of our company, so plan your wardrobe well in advance. Below are some trade show outfit ideas to help you represent your brand effectively. 

How to Choose Trade Show Outfits

Several factors dictate how you should dress for a trade show, the most important being industry standards. The accepted attire for the investment industry will be very different from booth clothing for a sporting goods show. If you’re unsure what is acceptable, check if the trade show has a dress code.

In addition to industry expectations, factors such as the weather, location, and time of year influence what to wear to a trade show. Generally speaking, you want comfortable clothing that projects a sense of professionalism. 

Branded Trade Show Outfits

Your trade show attire should display your brand no matter the industry. Branded attire has multiple benefits. Most importantly, branded trade show clothing advertises your company’s presence at the show, whether you’re standing in front of your booth or having lunch with clients. Wherever you are, you’re a walking billboard for your brand. 

Wearing branded clothing is a responsibility, as everything you do reflects on the brand. Be aware of this not only while you’re in the trade show, but outside of the show as well. For the duration of the show, you’re an extension of your brand. 

Name tags will help visitors identify you and make it more likely attendees will remember you and your brand. If your booth team is wearing branded polos, consider embroidering their names on their shirts to make them stand out from the crowd. 

Trade Show Outfit Ideas

Some trade shows call for formal or semi-formal attire. The following trade show outfit ideas are for such shows:

Formal Male Trade Show Outfits

Formal trade show attire for men begins with a business suit, usually in darker colors such as charcoal or navy. Wear a light-colored dress shirt such as the Men's Batiste Dress Shirt by Edwards Garment, with a tie and pocket square. Match your belt to your shoes and your tie to your shirt. Accessories can include a watch, cufflinks, or tie clip.

Formal Women’s Trade Show Outfit Ideas

For women, either wear a business attire dress or dress pants with a matching jacket. Collared blouses and dressy tops are acceptable. For shoes, wear closed-toe pumps, and keep accessories subtle: you don't want a flashy necklace drawing the eye away from your brand logo. 

Business Casual Trade Show Outfits

Semi-Formal and business casual dress codes provide a little more freedom. Men may be able to dispense with suit jackets and just wear a comfortable shirt such as the Men's Long Sleeve Stain-Resistant & Easy Care Twill or the Men's Damon Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt by Tri-Mountain. For trade shows centered on construction or other outdoor industries, consider the Force Ridgefield Solid Long Sleeve Shirt by Carhartt.

Women's business casual can include long-sleeved shirts such as Tri-Moutnain’s Women's Demi Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt or Women's Eclipse Long Sleeve Golf Shirt. Dressy polo shirts are also an option. 

Depending on the weather, both men and women can wear branded pullovers while working trade show booths. A customized pullover such as the Charles River Freeport Microfleece Pullover or Women’s Freeport Microfleece Pullover makes excellent casual trade show attire as well as valued booth giveaways. 

Trade Show Jackets

Trade show jackets can be worn inside the show or donned outside so you can continue to advertise your brand during outdoor events or lunch meetings with potential clients. We favor a light jacket you can put on and off depending on the environment, such as the Men’s Black Diamond Softshell Jacket by CROWN, or its ladies’ counterpart

Trade Show Outfit Ideas for Booth Workers

Your trade show booth workers need to stand out in a crowd. Customized polo shirts give your team an easily identifiable and uniform look. If people see one member of your team walking through the show, they can identify other team members quickly. 

Customized polo shirts make excellent booth uniforms. Consider some of the following for your trade show team:


Adding customized visors or hats to your trade show team’s outfits gives you another chance to display your brand while showing attendees you’re willing to invest in the look and professionalism of your booth. 

Knowing what to wear to a trade show helps you improve brand recognition and secure new leads and is as important as the swag you offer. Browse Triple Crown Products for trade show outfit ideas, or contact us for help outfitting you for the 2022 trade show season. 

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Monday, December 20, 2021