Women’s Apparel

Women's Promotional Apparel


Women’s promotional apparel is an excellent opportunity to grow your brand awareness while rewarding customers, employees, and potential clients. Custom women’s apparel comes in an extensive range of styles and colors because of the importance of women’s apparel to the fashion and clothing industries. This provides a wider variety of promotional garments to choose from when buying for women.

Women’s Apparel or Unisex?

When purchasing customized apparel, marketers often opt for unisex designs since they can buy garments for everyone with a single order. While unisex garments fit both sexes well, clothes designed especially for women fit the female form much better — whether you’re buying t-shirts, polo shirts, or pants. By choosing custom women’s apparel, you’re going that extra step to ensure a great fit for your gift recipient and increasing the likelihood your custom logo apparel will be worn on a regular basis.

Custom Logo Apparel

There are so many reasons to add your logo to women’s apparel, from creating a smart-looking work uniform to offering a high-quality piece of outerwear as a thank-you to a valued partner. Custom logo apparel may be screen-printed (a popular choice for T-shirts) or embroidered directly onto the garment. Embroidered logos are long-lasting, great looking additions to work shirts, promotional outerwear, sweatshirts, lab coats, and scrubs.

With so many garments to choose from, matching your logo to the right piece of women’s apparel can seem overwhelming. If you're unsure about your choice of custom logo apparel or need help designing your promotional logo, let us know, and we’ll help you make the best choice possible.