Our Story

Our Company, Our Family

The Early Years

In 1984, Dennis and Janis Quernemoen started Triple Crown Products out of their home in Waterford, Wisconsin. They started by selling entry hall rugs before expanding into janitorial supplies. Years later, they started selling the products they are known for today, custom baseball hats and screen printed apparel.

Dennis was a salesman through and through. He had won sales awards at his previous sales position. He then took his first company vehicle, an old bread truck, and used the skills he had acquired, traveling door to door and business to business. The bread truck would often be stacked with floor mats and uniform samples as Dennis traveled between local businesses, showing and selling products. He also handled other responsibilities including, outsourcing of emblems and other aspects of production.

Dennis was a skilled salesman, but Janis was the artist. She started out hand-tracing customer designs and logos from her small desk in the basement. Artwork would range from company logos to detailed images of machinery that customers wanted to include in their logo. This artwork would then be sent out to another company who created the emblems for use on our very first hats and apparel.

Growth Over the Years

Since its basement beginnings, Triple Crown Products has expanded several times over the years and is still growing today! From the basement, it moved to a small building in Tichigan. Then, onto the several acres in the Waterford Industrial Park, which has allowed growth and expansion over the past 15 years.

Now, Triple Crown Products will soon be expanding again, into a 60,000 square foot location just miles down the road, in the city of Mukwonago. The new building will have space to grow for many years to come.

A Higher Power

From the beginning, Triple Crown’s success has always been attributed to a higher power. With no income and six kids to support at home, Dennis and Janis chose to place their trust in God, and step out in faith, as they started their new business. To this day, every employee has the opportunity to come together for a time of prayer. It’s due to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that Triple Crown Products has continued to grow and expand over the last 35 years, and continues to grow today.

The Legacy

With the retirement of Dennis Quernemoen in 2013, Triple Crown Products is now owned and operated by the next generation, the couples’ six children. Under the new leadership, Triple Crown hopes to continue building on the foundation started back in 1984, maintaining its godly values, and attributing all success to the Lord.

Today, Triple Crown serves over 14,000 businesses nationwide, and looks forward to what God has in store for its future.