Embroidery is one of the most popular method to create sharp professional branding on your company gear. From polos and button-downs, to jackets and hats, embroidery can create a clean cohesive look for your entire team.

Our embroidery machines provide us the ability to give you the best possible quality on every embroidered piece. We have an in-house digitizer on staff, specifically to ensure the quality of your logo turns out perfect! That means extra tight stitching, and as few thread breaks as possible, ensuring no stray threads or puckering.

To help us stitch your logo to its very finest, we encourage you to read our embroidery tips below.


1. Look Closely on Approvals: On your first embroidery order, you will receive a mock-up and a photo of a physical sewout of your logo with the measurements and details regarding the design and its placement on your apparel. Take a few extra minutes to go over the details and make sure everything is correct.
2. Logo Size Matters: Triple Crown Products keeps the process as simple as possible by pricing embroidery in square inches rather than stitches, since stitches can be difficult to estimate without experience. Our standard logo size is 6 square inches, but we are able to do larger logos sizes as well, though the price per logo size will increase.
3. Try to Avoid Gradient Colors: Shading and color gradients don’t translate well into embroidery thread, especially with smaller logos. Try to avoid gradients by using solid color versions of yourlogo if available, or check with your artist to see if your logo will translate into embroidery. You can use up to 15 colors in an embroidered logo, though most logos don’t require more than 7 colors.
4. Check Text Size: Make sure the text in your design isn’t too small. Stitched text will turn out jagged and unreadable if left too small. When evaluating which decoration process to use, keep in mind any small text needs to be at least 0.25” tall with embroidery.
5. Send High Quality Artwork - Our art department is able to re-create your artwork if you are unable to provide a high quality file. However, a crisp, clean vector based format will ensure the best possible translation into embroidery, and may allow for faster turn time for your art.
6. Remember, if a design is too large, it may result in an embroidery feeling too heavy on a garment, and thus slightly uncomfortable. Keep in mind when determining the final size for your piece.


1. If your logo contains small text, the text size may need to be increased to prevent the embroidery from turning out jagged or broken. If the text size can’t be adjusted in your design, Screen Print or Heat Transfer may be a better option for your design.
2. If your design contains gradients or photograph type imagery. Threads don’t always translate well to gradients. If there are too many gradients, Screen Print or Heat Transfer may be a better fit. Heat Transfer is the best option when dealing with photographic imagery.
3. If your items are made of lighter fabric. You may want to consider switching your decoration method to a Screen Print or Heat Transfer when adding a logo to items such as t-shirts, safety vests, or sweatshirts. Screen Prints and Heat Transfers will feel lighter on thinner fabrics and can also be more cost efficient on less expensive items as well.


Minimum of 12 quantity needed to order!         
Quantity 12-23 24-47 48-95 96-143 144-287 288+
Logo "A"(up to 6sq in.)
Set-up: $45.00
$7.95 $6.75 $5.95 $5.75 $4.95 $4.55
Logo "B"(up to 6.1 to 12sq in.)
Set-up: $95.00
$9.95 $8.75 $7.95 $7.75 $6.95 $6.55
Logo "C"(over 12sq in.)
Set-up: Call
Call for details
Pricing is per location. How to figure your logo pricing: Multiply Height x Width = Sq. Inches. Example: I logo is 1.5”H x 4”W = 6 sq. inches. Logo Option “A” is the most common size.