Bayside Apparel: Made in the USA

Embroidered or screen printed with your logo

Looking for made-in-the-USA clothing manufactured using sustainable processes and materials? Look no further than Bayside. Bayside apparel is an excellent choice for promotional garments: thick enough to support embroidered logos while made from screen print-friendly fabrics. 

While fast fashion saw an exodus of made-in-the-USA clothing companies to offshore manufacturing facilities, Bayside chose to invest on domestic production. The company’s “from dirt to shirt” policy ensures every aspect of the Bayside clothing manufacturing process takes place in the USA. Bayside apparel is knitted, dyed, finished, cut, and sewn in-house for high-quality end products. The company designed its manufacturing facilities to conserve water and minimize waste.

Bayside Shirts

Bayside shirts provide the comfort and fit that turns a promotional tee into a treasured and much-used part of your wardrobe. From the Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt to the Long Sleeve T-Shirt with a Pocket, Bayside shirts bring casual style and fun to your marketing campaigns. Use them as giveaways for your next major event, add them to trade show swag bags, or use them to as casual work shirts.

Bayside Sweatshirts

Bayside brings the company’s commitment to quality and made-in-the-USA clothing to their sweatshirt line. Keep your workforce warm and comfy with the Bayside Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, or reward a valued customer with a branded Crewneck Sweatshirt. Like all Bayside apparel, Bayside sweatshirts come in various color choices, making it easy to find a sweatshirt that highlights your logo.