Artwork / Pre-Production
We are proud to have a talented team of artist and pre-production employees making sure that all order details are correct before an order goes to production. To start, each new logo that is submitted on an order goes into our art department where it is created or re-created to meet order specifications and requirements based upon logo location, product color, and production type. Each newly created logo is then sent back to customers for approval or revision. Customers can work directly with the art department over the phone or via email.

Artwork Approval Color Accuracy
We have gone through extensive lengths to make sure colors represented in artwork are as true as possible to production colors. However, colors represented in artwork are not exact and different computer screens at various brightness settings will display logo colors differently. This normally isn’t a problem since most people order standard colors such as Red, Navy, Forest Green, etc. Any customers concerned about color accuracy should instruct our art department as to which Pantone colors to match. Those Pantone colors will then be used during production as a target to match. We will let customers know if there are any problems matching any Pantone colors during artwork approval.

Embroidered Garment Pre-Production
After artwork for an embroidered logo has been approved it goes to our in-house digitizer where a file is created for an embroidery machine to use in the production of the logo on ordered products. Once the embroidery file is created, our digitizer creates a pre-production sewout that is photographed and emailed for approval or revision. This allows our customers to see and approve the logo before an order goes to production.

Custom Cap Pre-Production
Custom cap orders are submitted for pre-production samples or swatches after new artwork and mockups are approved. Pre-Production samples or swatches are then mailed or photographed and emailed for approval based upon order instructions. All custom cap orders can be revised including logos and cap details up until a pre-production sample or swatch has been approved for production.

Screen Printed Garment Pre-Production
Orders with newly approved screen printed logos go directly to production because screen print results normally come out exact or very similar to what is approved during artwork approval and because setting up and printing a single sample would be very time consuming and expensive.