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Circle Dome Lapel Pin
0.70 - 1.15 - View details.
Iron Soft Enamel Pins
0.47 - 1.97 - View details.
Cost Efficient Brass Soft Enamel
0.67 - 2.10 - View details.
Large Rectangle Dome Lapel Pin
1.05 - 1.55 - View details.
Square Dome Lapel Pin
0.75 - 1.15 - View details.
Full Color Printing Pins - Stainless Iron
0.40 - 1.69 - View details.
Small Rectangle Dome Label Pin
0.75 - 1.25 - View details.
High Quality Brass Imitation Cloisonne Pins
0.88 - 2.58 - View details.
Quality Iron Imitation Cloisonne Pins
0.78 - 2.34 - View details.



"Great customer service. Very prompt with return emails and/or phone contact. Email photo of thread color and design true to completed end product.

A pleasure to do business with."

Dianna Dubois
Dave's Colonial Motors

Safety Vest

"My sales person was great to work with and everyone I spoke with was very pleasant and knowledgeable of any questions I had. A great company to work with."

Phyllis Swinarski
Southern Tier Concrete


"CRS knows that behind the front lines, there is a team that comes together to make it all work. Triple Crown and their team were excellent in all services that were provided"

Mike Sackettois
Crushed Rock Sales

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